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I believe strong communication helps us create a smarter, kinder, and more inclusive world.

As the Assistant Director of Visual Communication for Rice’s Center for Academic and Professional Communication, I teach topics such as data visualization, public speaking, and presentation design to undergraduates, PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, and faculty from all disciplines. 

Examples of slides from my teaching materials on effective visual communication (updated Fall 2022)

I am committed to teaching and practicing effective data communication.

I'm especially passionate about effective data communication. Data never speaks for itself. Rather it is humans, with all their creativity and biases, that communicate and interpret data. In my own data communication, I strive to combine best practices in graphic design with principles of equitable communication. Ideally, my data communication always tells a story and serves a purpose.

Data visualizations created for Rice University's Center for Academic and Professional Communication to help administrators understand patterns in center usage over the past 10 years (created Fall 2022)

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